Solent Infant School
Parents & Carers

Parents and carers are always welcome to visit the school but it is essential that you call at the school office first. You can also find lots of information in our 'Parent and Carers’ Guide.

If you wish to see the Head of School, or Executive Headteacher, to discuss any school matter, please contact the school office to make an appointment. You can do this via telephone call or by using the contact form here.

If you have concerns or worries about any aspect of your child’s education, do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s class teacher. Where possible we resolve difficulties through informal meetings but, if necessary, there are formal complaint procedure available from the school office or via the policies section of our website.

Our teachers are often available immediately after school and will chat briefly to you at the external classroom door. If you feel you would like some privacy, or you would like a longer discussion, we would advise you to telephone or email the school office beforehand to arrange a meeting time. It is also helpful if you can let us know the reason for your visit so that the teacher can prepare appropriately.

Parent Appointments and Drop In Sessions
Parent appointments are held each term. Children’s work is shared at drop in sessions in the week prior to the parent appointments. These meetings are a maximum of 10 minutes long, so if you wish to have a lengthier discussion, please arrange to see the teacher at another time. Wherever possible, appointments for meetings with your child’s teacher will be made at a time to suit you.

Keeping In Touch
Parents and carers receive a regular school newsletter via their email, giving information about the week’s events and forthcoming school activities. More frequent and comprehensive information is also available on your child’s class Teams page.

Parent View
Parent View gives parents the chance to tell OFSTED what you think about Solent Infant School. Parent View asks for your opinion of 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to the curriculum and how well the school manages behaviour.

Parent/Carer WhatsApp Groups
Most years have a parent WhatsApp group set up by parents to aid communication around school events; these groups are a very useful and efficient way of sharing information and building the school community.
While these groups operate independently of the school, it is important that they are inclusive to the whole Solent community. In order to ensure this, please follow these WhatsApp community guidelines when using your year’s WhatsApp group.’