Solent Infant School
Curriculum Intent

Academic Excellence

At the Solent Schools, we share the belief that it is in the development of knowledge, skills, practice and effort that we create confident, independent thinkers and learners. We have thought deeply about the impact of our curriculum and how a child’s learning should develop and grow, throughout their time with us.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced with a determined commitment to encourage and nurture creativity as well as to obtain academic mastery. The wide range of experiences offered engages and enthuses our children, giving them the confidence to aim high and develop a deep love of learning.

We teach children to be curious about the world around them, asking questions and actively investigating to find out more. Our curriculum is underpinned by the school values, supporting our pupils in aspiring to grow and develop with the confidence to be themselves.

The Solent Schools are truly unique, serving a unique community, who bring their own perspective to learning. We recognise and celebrate the strengths in our differences using this to help shape our curriculum provision. As such, the curriculum at the Solent Schools is specific to the context of not just our schools, but the lives of the children within them.



The Solent Schools’ curriculum consists of: the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (Year R), and the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects. These subjects are taught within the context of our schools, engaging and inspiring our children in a way which is relevant to them and their lives.

An enrichment programme for each year group also ensures that pupils are given opportunities to learn alongside specialist sports coaches and dance teachers, and also to create and perform music with specialist music teachers. A range of experiences are built into our curriculum to ensure first hand learning where possible and a range of extracurricular activities are on offer to give our children the opportunity to showcase talent - in both creative and physical activities.

Each term, we provide a detailed outline of the themes and topics for each year group within curriculum maps and knowledge organisers.

Please visit the discrete curriculum pages for more detailed information about each subject.