Solent Infant School
Staffing at Solent Infant School

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs L Wilby - Executive Headteacher
Mrs E Curthoys - Head of School & SEND Lead
Mrs R McQuilken - Class Teacher (EYFS Lead)
Mrs A Lempriere - Class Teacher
Mrs C Winnicott – Bursar

Office Based Team
Mrs C Winnicott - Bursar
Mrs A Donnelly - Admin Manager
Mrs A O'Day
Mrs A Price

Mr G Burnett - Network Manager

Site Team
Mr P Redman - Site Manager
Mr T Ellinor - Site Team

(MA below denotes Midday Assistant)

Early Years Team
Mrs J Dallinger - Class Teacher
Mrs S Eades - Class Teacher
Miss L West - Learning Support (MA)

Miss K Garland - Class Teacher
Mrs S Kent - Learning Support (MA)

Mrs R McQuilken - Class Teacher (EYFS Lead)
Mrs G Lewis - Learning Support & Lead MA

Year 1 Team
Mrs C Cryer - Class Teacher
Mrs A Clark - Learning Support

Mr L Mason - Class Teacher
Mrs L Wademan - Learning Support

Miss L Morris - Class Teacher
Mrs J Loy - Learning Support

Year 2 Team

Mrs J Ray - Class Teacher
Mrs N Marshall - Learning Support (MA)
Mrs J Paton - Learning Support

Mrs K Pinhorne - Class Teacher
Mrs S Summers - Class Teacher
Mrs L Butcher - Learning Support (MA)
Mrs S Grinsell - Learning Support

Mrs A Lempriere - Class Teacher
Mrs L Churchill - Learning Support (MA)
Mrs R Turner - Learning Support (MA)

Midday Team
Miss K Dawson - Midday Assistant
Miss C Reid - Midday Assistant
Mrs D Sharpe - Midday Assistant
Miss C Hann - Midday Assistant

Pastoral Team
Mrs A Clark - Pastoral Lead and Family Liaison Officer; Service Family Link
Mrs J Loy - Pastoral Support