Solent Infant School
At The Solent Schools, we believe that all pupils need to have a variety of computing skills, in order to prepare them for life in a modern world.

We aim to provide children with the confidence to explore technology with an open mind and to apply their technological skills within real life contexts. We use Purple Mash to inform our planning, as well as a platform which the children access to complete much of their learning within the Computing curriculum. Computing shares deep links with many subjects across the Primary curriculum. At The Solent Schools, we provide a variety of opportunities for children to embed and apply their skills within all subjects, through a blended approach to learning. For example, the children may use technological devices, such as laptops, when publishing a piece of work in Literacy, or as a research tool across many areas of the curriculum.

We seek to ensure that children have the skills to safeguard themselves against potential threats online and to develop coping strategies for when problems occur. We value this as a highly important aspect of our Computing curriculum. As such, we start each year by recapping the importance of online safety and how this can affect people in the real world. Each February, we also take part in Safer Internet Day. Every year, there is a new theme based on relevant trends, such as social media and gaming. We plan a range of whole-school activities linked to these topics, raising the profile of this nationwide event.

By the end of Key Stage 1, all pupils will be proficient in using technology safely and effectively to support and enhance their future learning.